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Stig-Ove Sivertsen
Petter Dass gt 1
8656 Mosjøen
Tlf: 0047 958 95 603
Epost: stig(a)sosivertsen.no

I live and work in Mosjøen i northern Norway, where I have my studio and gallery. Over the years, I have participated in various exhibitions both domestically and internationally, but my works are primarily sold through my own gallery – Galleri SOS

“Unease – I know a lot about it. Or emptiness of thought. I don’t like the pure white surface. It makes me restless. That’s why I just start painting. I like it raw and far from idyllic. Everything dissolves and disappears in the end. Stormy weather. Run-down houses. Wrecked cars. Rust. Pollution. Skulls. Melancholic faces and still life. Landscapes, as they were created, without order. Often, I am surprised. Actually, always. Suddenly I see what I’m painting, even though it only almost resembles it. Then I’m satisfied for a while. Until I face the next white and feel restless again. Style? I don’t know. What it’s about? I can’t say because then everyone knows. But I hope you see that these are my paintings.”

Latest works are presented in my own gallery in Mosjøen.

Self-taught artist. Experience and competence from telecommunications, newspaper production, sales/marketing, advertising, graphic design, and illustration.


The Art of Watercolour, June 2017

The Art Of Watercolour, December 2023

Splash 2018: The Best of Watercolor. (Book)

Member of:
Norwegian Association for Independent Artists (Norsk Forening for Uavhengige Kunstnere, NFUK)
The Nordic Watercolor Society (Nordiska Akvarellsällskapet, NAS)
The artist group Hydropower together with Per Vikan og Morten W. Gjul.


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